Which car to buy post lockdown?

Why has this question come up as to which car to buy post lockdown? The Covid-19 pandemic has put the world in an unforeseen crisis. It has taught us to live our life to the fullest now rather than in the future. Coronavirus outbreak has changed many things. From the way we work, our buying patterns, the way we socialise with others to even the way we travel. As per a study conducted by Ernst & Young in April 2020, 66% of people post-COVID outbreak are looking to buy a private car post lockdown as a preferred mode of travel. It has doubled as compared to 34% before the COVID outbreak. People now prefer a personal car to travel post lockdown over public transport.

Social distancing is a critical norm to be followed for avoiding the spread of the deadly virus. Hence people feel safe and more confident when their families travel in a private car. Shared travelling options like bus, metro, taxi, cab sharing, and rentals, etc are now considered unsafe. The questions arising now are Which is the best car to buy post lockdown? What if you can’t afford to buy a new car? How safe is a car buying process after COVID19?

In this post let’s look at the best car buying options once the lockdown opens. We considered the shifting online research trends of consumers searching for car buying options in India and other countries, during the lockdown. The two clear segments that come out as winners are small hatchback cars and used or pre-owned cars.

Buy Used or Pre-Owned Cars

Mahindra First Choice Wheels, a used car dealer conducted a study of customer preferences. 66% of surveyed people said that they want to buy and pick up their car within 3 months of lockdown lifting. Inquiries for Used Cars have doubled from 19% to 37%. Consumers are now looking at spending as little as possible. This is due to factors such as less or no income coming in during lockdown, job security, and pay cuts hovering on their heads. Consumers are now, more than ever, into getting value for money on every rupee spent.

Modern cars are built to last long. Also, market leaders and trendsetter OEMs such as Maruti Suzuki True Value offer certified quality pre-owned cars with technology, transparency, and reliability at the core. Hence there is a positive shift towards buying used cars. Prospects who were to buy a two-wheeler are now actively considering buying a used car. This is due to the safe and hygienic environment of an enclosed vehicle. Furthermore, the demand for used cars in smaller cities compared to metros is increasing. People in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities want to own a private car. So if you are looking at buying an affordable car after lockdown, used cars or pre-owned cars are a great option to go for.

Buy Entry-level small cars or hatchbacks

Another segment of cars that you should consider buying at such times is entry-level small cars or hatchbacks. As per research demand for budget cars under Rs. 2 lakhs and from Rs. 2-3 lakh has more than doubled compared to the pre-lockdown period. The demand for cars with a budget of 3 to 5 lakhs has seen a minor increase. Indian car buyers are now considering hatchbacks like Swift and Baleno with a budget of Rs. 5 to 8 lakhs. The rising middle-class consumers are on a lookout for affordable, low maintenance, and fuel-efficient vehicles.

At such times the biggest car manufacturer in India, Maruti Suzuki has many hatchback options to offer from both their channels Arena cars and Nexa cars. Also, people with more disposable income are now looking at buying an additional small car. Their families can use the second vehicle for daily chores and small distance trips. So, if you are wanting to buy a small fuel-efficient and affordable car with a budget ranging from 3 to 8 lakh rupees, read on.

Maruti Suzuki cars are a great option to buy after lockdown considering various factors. Firstly, they have a huge range of proven and popular hatchbacks in the inexpensive range to choose from such as Alto, WagonR, Celerio, Swift, S-Presso, Baleno, and IGNIS. This gives you a variation in your spending budget and a chance to select a car as per your requirement and suitability.

Secondly, Maruti Suzuki cars are now BS6 compliant. They come with fuel options of petrol and CNG, which is economic to travel in. They also have options in transmissions with manual cars, auto manual transmission cars with AGS, and Automatic CVT transmission.

Thirdly, Maruti Suzuki has made their hatchbacks technologically advanced with Smart Play Studio and Infotainment System, Progressive Next-Generation Smart Hybrid technology, and Auto Gear Shift.

Furthermore, Maruti Suzuki has now equipped their small cars with a host of features that enhance the convenience and safety of the passengers. The advanced engine and the other technological upgrades ensure that Maruti Suzuki hatchbacks are still the most fuel-efficient cars in India. Last but not the least, Maruti Suzuki has the biggest and the widest service center network across all the cities of the country. This makes car servicing easily accessible, low-costing, and faster due to the easy availability of parts and spares.

Shivam Autozone is an authorised Maruti Suzuki dealership with a presence in Mumbai, Thane, and Palghar. We are digitally available 24×7. You can now book your favourite Maruti Suzuki car from the comfort of your home. Be it a new car or a pre-owned used car, with Shivam Autozone, you can book your car online in just four steps.

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  • 2nd Step – Select your model and variant
  • 3rd Step – Share your details
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