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Maruti Suzuki Nexa Premium Service Center

Nexa is a premium Channel of Maruti Suzuki and Nexa Service Centers are in line with the ethos of the brand. However, the question on everyone’s mind is, can any and all Maruti Suzuki vehicles which get serviced at regular Maruti Service Centers also be serviced at Nexa Service Centers?

Well, absolutely yes, Service & Body repairs including denting & painting  of all Maruti cars can be done at Nexa service centers just like Maruti Suzuki service centers. With this cleared out, the next query that people have is How are Nexa Service Centers special or different or more premium compared to regular Maruti Service Centers? To answer this query, lets dive into the highlights of Nexa Service Centers.

Nexa Service Center

High degree of Automation, Advanced Technology and Enriched Customer Service has helped Nexa service centers set new benchmark of excellence in Automotive Industry with its top-quality car servicing. Digital Interactions using Innovative & Intuitive Technology have been designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the highly trained technicians & manpower of the workshop and other service personnel.

Nexa Service Center

  • On arrival at the Maruti Nexa service center the automatic boom box barrier with RFID Reader auto detects & scans your car for bay allocation with Registration number flashing on LED indicators
  • Thereafter, a dedicated NEXA Service Manager, your single point of contact takes care of all interactions. He is a NEXA Certified Expert who does the vehicle receiving process including checking of vehicle details and history, clicking vehicle snaps with iPad, Inventory taking and under chassis checking
  • At Nexa service center, caring experience is delivered with advanced technology. The State-of-the-art Diagnostic Bay ensures the best quality diagnosis of any issues in your car.

Nexa Service Center

  • Dedicated Tester Line in the workshop floor eliminates the need for road- testing on busy traffic streets. It guarantees quality diagnosis as per standards of the entire vehicle systems and components in the service center itself
  • Nexa Service Centers have a premium Owners Waiting Lounge which comes with a glass Viewing Gallery, Wi-fi, Screen with Know it Yourself videos, refreshments & lavish facilities that indulge you, while you wait for your car
  • Nexa Lifestyle Accessories are at display in the Owners lounge while Nexa Genuine Accessories NGA for your cars are displayed at the Accessories Lounge
    Nexa Service Center
  • On the workshop floor, AVTS; Automatic Vehicle Tracking System monitors efficient vehicle movement while the Floor manager screen in the Workshop Monitoring Room shows Vehicle status display & gives easy visibility of the entire workshop floor. This ensures elimination of any delay in car servicing
  • The shop floor of Maruti Service centers and Nexa Service Centers have fully equipped Work Tables per technician
    Nexa Service Center
  • At Nexa service centers, your time is of value and hence Express Service Bays come with fully equipped trolleys for expedited maintenance. They also have Reverse Time Trackers to ensure that your car is serviced in stipulated time
  • Transparency and high-quality service experience is the key to long lasting customer relationships at Nexa Service Centers. You can watch your car getting serviced on live video from the comfort of your home or workplace
  • Well, you can either choose to leave or stay back. If you pick your car later, you can keep a track on the overall service progress and see a health report for your car as well. From Live Diagnostic Scans to complete Vehicle Health Report, it is all available real time for customers. The health report will rate your car on various parameters, which gives you the correct insight on what’s happening behind the scenes
  • There is an Ultra-modern Bodyshop floor with repair bays & Paint Booth for body repair, denting and painting of your car
  • Nexa service centers are Eco-friendly Green Workshops. There is Exhaust Extraction System in each bay for pollution-free working atmosphere, Water Effluent Treatment Plant for recycling and reusing water in the workshop and Dry Wash of cars using a non-water-based foam cleaning solution
    Nexa Service Center
  • For Customer convenience, from Booking Service Appointment Online to checking Job Cost Estimation and Current Service Status, all the vehicle updates are immediately and promptly available on ‘Nexa App’.
  • Maruti Nexa Service centers also have provision of Nexa Mobile Service, NMS van which provides Service at your door step. It saves travel time to workshop, saves fuel for travel to service center & gives personalized attention
  • For further convenience and saving your time, Nexa Shivam Autozone provides Free Pickup & drop of your car to Shivam Nexa service center.

At NEXA Shivam, Customer Convenience and an enhanced after sales experience is of prime importance. Nexa service Center of Shivam Autozone @ MIDC, Andheri East in Mumbai is a destination for an Exclusive Service Experience for all Marui Suzuki & Nexa vehicles. Come discover and embrace the New Service Experience & know what it’s like to get your car serviced by the best of the bests in the industry. To book an Online appointment or Free pick up and drop service visit here  Or Call: 8879211111

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