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    Maruti Suzuki Pre-owned cars buying and selling entity, called True Value is at the forefront of the booming used car market. It is the first organised player in the market. And,  Maruti Suzuki believes that the experience of buying a pre-owned car should be the same as that of a new car. So, at Nexa Shivam Autozone we stay true to all the elements and features of Maruti Suzuki True Value. Thus, it becomes a win-win proposition, for both buyers and sellers of pre-owned cars. Firstly, at its core, True Value incorporates values of utmost importance – Professionalism, Transparency, Reliability, Simplicity, and Warmth. Moreover, a methodical integration of technology and industry experience is key to the success of this endeavor. Furthermore, True Value provides all services like insurance, finance, and accessories under one roof. And, all these together help us achieve our fundamental objective of empowering both, pre-owned car buyers and sellers.
    True Value ensures a comprehensive background check of the second-hand car before selling it. This instills your trust in the brand, True Value. So, as a True Value customer, you get:
    • Above all, extremely reliable digital evaluation of Maruti Suzuki pre-owned cars on 376 key checkpoints
    • A dedicated Relationship Manager to give you genuine and also professional advice
    • Also, a large car display to help you to make the best choice
    • Seamless online and offline integration, wherein you can choose your preferred car online before you visit the True Value facility
    • Certainly, Fair and transparent prices on pre-owned cars from multiple brands Opportunity to Test Drive and know the car before buying
    • Furthermore, the advantage of Genuine Maruti Suzuki Accessories for your car Most important, Transparency in our services to make it convenient for both the buyers and sellers


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